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Warcraft Blueprint

ATTENTION: World of Warcraft Fans only…

FACT:  97.3% of World Of Warcraft Players Are Clueless, Running Around Broke And Wasting Too Much Time Figuring Out The Game.
But if you can keep a secret, then by the time you finish reading this letter you can become the 2.7% of gamers who can play under any given situations, generate gold on demand, and win some of the fiercest battles in WoW.
From: Amy Anderson
Date: October 26, 2013
Dear World Of Warcraft Fan,
I have a bet - and it involves just how tired a lot of WoW players are right now with the way the game treats them. Are you sick and tired of…
  • Running around poor and wishing for gold all the time?
  • Getting killed again and again by players who camp at your corpse?
  • Slowly leveling your character even after playing nonstop like a mindless zombie?
  • Spending too much time at the Auction House with very little gold to show for it?
  • Not being accepted into groups because you don’t have enough gear or achievements?
  • Nasty, rude, and demanding players who brag and talk trash about you on the trade channels?
  • Getting ganked by other players who continuously camp your corpse?
  • Dying in every duel, battle, and PvP challenge out there?
If this sounds like you, then you need to take 3 minutes and 27 seconds to read this page very carefully because the information here will shock you.
In just three weeks, I used a fresh WoW account to make 143,789 gold, level my character to Level 80, and chalk up a healthy arena rating of 1,997 on the leader board.
And in a short while, I will reveal how you can do the exact same thing.
Here's proof:

My current arena rating in the 3 v 3 bracket

One of my characters sitting near the gold cap
The results above were not achieved using hacks or cheats that could get your account banned and blacklisted from every server Blizzard owns. This is about using special secrets so you don’t slave away for hours, making mediocre progress while new players surpass you with Epic Flying Mounts.
But first, let me explain how this is even possible…

Very often, champion players are not doing anything better than the bad players, they just do things differently.
There is some really dangerous advice spreading around the Internet. You know, the kind of tips they talk about in forums, e-books, and expensive WoW guides. I know this because I bought every one of them but found the information outdated as far back as patch 2.3!
For example, if you’re still grinding to get gold, then be prepared for major heartache. That’s the slowest way to get gold, ever. And if you’re not already making profits hand over fist by selling high demand items on the Auction House, then you’re bleeding gold!
In fact, most people are sorely mistaken about how to make the most gold in the least amount of time. This explains why most of them are still broke. Truth is, you don’t have to wait until you’re level 80 to start raking in some serious gold.
I started at level 1 and scored some really amazing gold within the first few hours.  Even the Chinese gold farmers are jealous of my rapid ability to create gold on demand.

The same thing happens in PvP too.  Many players lose the minimum 10 games to get arena points because they’re too lazy to play properly. If you’re one of these people, why not actually try to win the arena?
You could get more points for your time… which means you can get better gear… which means you stand a better chance at winning PvPs.
There are dozens of players engaging in PvP half-heartedly. Those are easy kills and you get some serious ratings just for trying. You just have to know where to look and how to spot them. And trust me, they are all over the place.
This sounds obvious to a lot of people, but the truth is that something is obvious only once you ‘get’ it. Those that do get it, and actually apply these tactics, become legendary players.
You probably don’t see many girls playing WoW , but I’m one of the few who actually LOVES the game.
I used to only play during lunch breaks at work, but I soon find myself sleeping late and cancelling appointments just so I could have some extra game time in World of Warcraft.
In short, I eat, sleep, and breathe WoW..
However, things weren’t like this in the beginning…
It used to be frustrating to see how some players can kill any enemy, level up so fast, and arm themselves with the coolest gear while I struggle to figure out how to even survive on a few gold. These honchos don’t seem to do anything different than me, yet they do it much faster without breaking into a sweat.
They can kill Death Knights, engage in massive raids, obliterate ninja nuisances, and punish all the childish players who brag too much in PvP.  Even if you’re lucky enough to beat these guys, you better be prepared because they do a lot of damage when they resurrect. Camping on their corpses for easy wins is NOT a good idea.
I can’t believe how fast some of them level up in just 3 days, it’s as if they were 3 different people playing nonstop for 24 hours.
And how on earth did they get all that gear? It’s like they inherit unlimited gold from some millionaire hidden in the game. While I struggle to grind, do dailies, and participate in the Auction House religiously, they are spending most of their time doing the fun stuff.
It’s heart-breaking to not have enough money to buy an Epic Flying Mount, especially when other players rub salt in the wound for being the only player without one. Trust me, when you get your first Epic Flying Mount, you’ll claim your respect and have so much fun travelling between worlds from the air, you will never go back to the old ways of running around and paying for flights or ports.
I needed someone to clear the haze and teach me the ropes. Problem is, most of my pleas for help were met with rejection by arrogant players. Some of these players are so high up in the game, they forget the little guys at the bottom. And I swore I would change it all one day.
These guys knew something I didn’t. And when I found out, it changed my game forever.
A high-level guild master took me under his wing when I was playing in the Mal’Ganis realm. He thought I had potential and could use the extra hand.
For months, I learned from the best… 
My game increased by leaps and bounds. I learned the best opening attacks… the fastest way to amass  gold… and how to win in PvP matches. I spent less time going through the learning curve, and more time actually destroying mobs, killing bosses, and engaging in raids.
Not enough gold? These guys have the sneakiest secrets to ‘create’ gold. Whenever they need to buy new gear and supplies, they just go make some gold from thin air. It’s so stupid simple that sometimes I wonder how many people walked through the same area and missed out on the gold making opportunities lying under their noses.
We monopolize the Auction House every single time with some of the rarest items for sale. While others are spending time farming cloths, we make 4X more money in half the time developing rare potions. At one time, I made 321,251 gold selling Primals in 6 days using a Level 21 character!
We were killing and making raids like no one’s business. I got the Epic Flying Mount I wanted, churned 4 new level 80++ alts, bought all the gear I needed, and still have excess gold to spare.
Anyone who tries to engage my low level characters for PvP gets killed again and again. I can still remember the shock and disbelief when my opponents suffered defeat. Priceless.
I became a WoW rockstar - overnight. And this time, I shared my knowledge with new players so they never have to go through what I did.
When doing my best to help others, it’s funny how there are always small minds out there who would do anything to watch you fall, crush you to the ground, and then kick dirt in your face.
The Gold Sellers who were exploiting clueless gamers HATED me because I was a threat to their lucrative business.
They tried to silence me. They tried to hack into my account. They tried to buy me off with real cash. And when that failed, they did their best to ignore me – hoping I’d just go away. Instead, I hit back harder by exposing why Gold Sellers will stop you from making your own gold. They don’t get a single penny from you when you can generate your own gold faster than they can sell it.
Other people who sell World of Warcraft guides and memberships quickly became my enemies. I called out every bad, misleading, and dangerous piece advice, therefore ruining their reputation. I don’t mean to be rude, but when people sell you a guide for $97 filled with fluff and filler, I expect them to deliver on their promises.
Alas, very few of them produced results, and too many of them disappoint.
Even if you only spend one day playing WoW, you can easily skip through 50% of the information sold in most guides. I mean, you don’t want to read about the difference between Alliances and Hordes from a guide you paid $97.00 for, right?

If you think I’m trying to play heroine here, you’re wrong. I’m just an ordinary gal who loves this game. In fact, I didn’t want to come out of the woodwork in the beginning because most guys won’t believe a chick.
However, when I see new players getting exploited by greedy gold sellers, scammed by false WoW gurus, and then bullied by arrogant snobs in the game, I knew I needed to go public.
The only way for these bad guys to win is for the good people to do nothing. I’m sick and tired of these WoW wannabes ruining our game for everyone. It’s time to fight back by revealing my best kept WoW secrets.

Introducing Warcraft Blueprint. . .

I wrote my nothing-held-back blueprint and shared it with some of the top players in this community.  Even for these guys, this blueprint is a powerful weapon they use to dominate their game:
  • More raids are won and loot stolen ever since they utilized my “Iron-Horse” strategy
  • Players make on average 4X more gold without trying. After spending them on Epic Flying Mounts for every character, they still have extra cash for more gear.
  • They dominate the Auction Houses, selling rare items that take little time to farm. If only every player use this secret, we’ll all be rich by now.
  • PvP of all types 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 is no longer a problem for lower level characters. They have a higher chance of survival and victory with the secret attack sequences I outlined carefully for every class.
When I revealed this blueprint to the public, these wannabe WoW gurus were more than angry, they were LIVID.

  • “You would rather struggle and spend 14 hours a day earning gold and leveling.”
  • “You like to use cheats, hacks, and other illegal tactics that gets your account blacklisted forever.”
  • “You prefer to waste time and money using unproven theories floating on the internet.”
  • “You resist following simple instructions and do what works.”
  • “You choose to spend 4X more cash on other WoW e-books, guides, and membership sites for less value.”
Right now, other gamers are using tactics just like these against you without you knowing it. When you use these techniques you will be so far ahead of the game you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this earlier.
I warn you though, being this good in WoW is both a blessing and curse.
You’ll start to notice more people begging you for advice and gold once your reputation spreads like wild-fire. Your leveling and gear will be upgraded so often that other players will harass you to enter their guilds and raids. In fact, you might find yourself sneaking game time into work and school because you enjoy it so much.
Your girlfriend or boyfriend might get jealous of your WoW affair.
Remember, I made sure everything in this blueprint is proven, tested, and 100% safe for your account. More importantly, they work like gangbusters even when new patches and expansion packs are released. How? By giving you the latest updates for FREE so you play the best game you can.

All the information is currently updated to patch 3.3 – Icecrown Citadel. You will not be left behind when the next major patch is released. There’s no recurring membership fees, just constant updates and latest changes to improve your game experience.
This means…
  • You don’t have to buy all the mediocre WoW products to sieve through the fluff, regurgitated information and outdated crap. Just flip my blueprint open, jump to the chapter you need, and start gaming.
  • You can stop worrying about violating Blizzard’s Terms of Service because there’s no technical installation, in-game add-ons, or external windows to switch to. With this blueprint, the risk of getting your account banned, burned, and blacklisted by Blizzard becomes 0%.

  • When Blizzard releases an expansion pack or a patch (which happens almost every time I start my game), you can stop paying through your nose for a newer version of your competitor’s product. Instead, just do nothing, pay nothing, and wait for my FREE upgrades to arrive in your inbox.

  • Never grind for gold slowly or borrow gold from other players ever again. Forget buying gold from eBay or Chinese farming sites that could get you banned. When you can generate gold at will any time, even at Level 1, you can afford all the Epic Flying Mounts you want.

  • While other people are still telling you to do repetitive and tedious tasks, here’s a faster way to level that no one knows about. You can jump to Level 80++ quickly and easily while engaging in some serious fun. No other guide teaches you to get so much gold, gear and achievements in the shortest time humanly possible.

  • No more getting deceived by guide sellers who talk a good game but never played World of Warcraft before. You could get your account stolen – or your money cheated - with less honorable vendors. My site is endorsed by 3rd party business bureaus and the blueprint is guaranteed to work – or your money back! (Just check out my money back TRIPLE guarantee below.)

  • Every month, you'll receive a brand new guide of 50+ pages detailing everything you need to know about one aspect of the game. Be ahead of everyone else for the life of the game, and know you're getting the very best.

The Warcraft Blueprint Series of Guides is not just one, half written, out of date guide. It is a series of four, high quality, critically composed products that will give you everything you need to get ahead in the game. Let's take a closer look at exactly what you will receive when you order today:

na Warcraft Blueprint Gold Generating Secrets
The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Gold Making Success...Period!
naThe secret to boosting your gold count faster, even while you’re farming!
naSmall adjustments you can make immediately to optimize your gold making speed. This works so well it puts your gold generating skills on steroids.
na5 tools all expert gold makers use that you must have in your arsenal.
naNever get cheated again with this detailed price list for ores, herbs, potions, and much more.
naRunning out of gold when you need to buy gear? Use these maps to trace secret sources of high demand items such as rare furs, herbs, ores, fish and other items.
naHow to access some of the richest ores available in WoW. Need Titanium, Thorium, or Cobalt? Use this section to get unlimited supply.
naShockingly undervalued ores that are in high demand and how to flip it for fast money.
naHow to predict demand spikes for herbs for a gold windfall.
naTwo high level herbs which always sell well despite its never ending supply.
naHow to use a special skill to get higher yields to feed your constant demand for gold, yet many players ignore this all the time.
naLove fishing for gold? Here’s how to get higher catch rates and good fishing spots to catch that expensive Deep Sea Monster Belly, Nettlefish, Glacial Salmon, and more.
naHow to engage in multiple gold making activities at the same time, even if you’re a single character.
naUse this advice to get the best materials at rock bottom prices and sell them at the ripe time.
naWarning: In demand items that you should NEVER sell for gold.
naThe shockingly simple secret to beating the Auction House that every player ignores.
naHow to guarantee your profits even before you bid in the Auction House.
naHow to get 2x, 3x, even 6x the profit selling to the Auction House, even if your competitors sell the same items you have.
naThe unfair advantage over other sellers at the Auction House. Follow the instructions and you’ll be a dangerous force to be reckoned with.
naHow to cash in on every gold rush that occurs every time Blizzard releases a patch or new expansion… and how to protect yourself from getting nerfed.
naThe No. 1 mistake every seller make in the Auction House, especially when they first got started.
naHow to manufacture demand for your items so you always get large margins of profit.
naHate price wars? Here’s how to undercut effectively without hurting yourself. And what you can do to players who try to undercut you.
naHow to get around expensive deposits when trading. This well-kept secret alone can save you a small fortune.
naHow to ‘predict’ the perfect timing to buy and sell and get the maximum gold for the least effort.
na3 extremely sneaky Auction House strategies even the legendary players don’t tell each other about.
naHow to sell gear to a starving crowd of compulsive buyers at WoW.
naThe best 25 quests for the fastest and most efficient completion rate every day.
naAn extensive list of killer resources I personally use to update my WoW knowledge.
naAnd much, Much MORE …

na Warcraft Blueprint Accelerated Leveling
Reach Level 80 in Record Time with the Easiest Strategies on Earth!

naComplete, step-by-step leveling instructions - from Borean Tundra to Storm Peaks - for both Horde and Alliance
naWorks for every faction, every race, and every class (even a Death Knight) in WoW regardless of your character's spec and skills.
naDiscover the tips and tricks to level through those mighty tough quests in zero time flat
naLeveling at the speed of the click. Using the carefully organized quest sequence, you just make a few clicks here and there… and tada… Instant leveling. Trust me when I say you can finish questing with only one hand on the mouse!
naStop wasting time running around lost! Spot Quest Hubs and Quest Locations quickly with detailed coordinates and map instructions. Arriving at quest checkpoints has never been easier.
naSecret shortcuts hidden in every level. Race your character to the highest level using the shortest path possible. No more unnecessary trial-and-error leveling.
naCut to the chase! Find the quest givers quickly with direct instructions and locations checkpoints to meet them. Exact dialogue choices given so you get what you want every time quickly and easily. No more waiting through meaningless chatter with the wrong guy.
naPsychic-style leveling. Level your characters knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s like having an all-knowing WoW god whispering at your ear about what to do next.
naShave days away from your leveling with the best leveling expertise from pros to transform your characters to super advanced heroes.
naBonus Feature! WoWHead Database links for every quest.
naAnd much, Much MORE …

na Warcraft Blueprint PvP Punishment Secrets
Win Every PvP Face Off for the Ultimate Rewards
naHow to rise up the ranks rapidly with every duel victory.
naHere’s how to get additional items and land quests only reserved for highly ranked players.
naGuarantee your victory and grab the best gear every time you engage in arena.
naThe secret to defeating opponents and earning honor points faster than any other players in your realm.
naDiscover the secret to getting multiple honorable kills reserved only for professionals.
naThe biggest mistake inexperienced players make when engaging in PvP.
naThe fastest way to gain honor in any given way using a sneaky strategy (Hint: it has nothing to do with the number of enemies you kill or how much damage you take)
naDon’t have time to get honor points? Discover 2 sneaky strategies to steal a flood of honor points easily.
naDiscover the untold truth of PvP champions and how your timing has everything to do with it (Hint: It’s not what you think it is)
naThe vital stats for PvP most players carelessly ignore. This one crucial aspect alone is going to determine your survival and triumph in waves of attack.
naReduce your chances of getting hit by critical strikes, lower your damage by half, buffer your mana drain, and boost your odds of survival all at once with this quick tweak.
naHow to design the perfectly balanced stats for each character for PvP. Plus the best character make-up for lean, mean killing machines.
naThe ultimate must-have gear to bring with you to every PvP match .
naGain arena points FAST! Even if you start with no gear and have no experience at all in winning matches.
naHow to get an advantage on your side even if you have no money to re-gear and no superior weapons. Most players don’t even do this and foolishly waste away their chances.
naHow to continuously throw out highly complex movements so fast, your opponents won’t know what hit them.
naA battle book of every attack sequence and counter attack plans possible to defeat your enemies and make sure they have no possibility of survival even before they engage. No Mage, Warlock, or even Death Knight is too powerful for you to handle with this secret battle book.
naA detailed and exhaustive analysis of every class, their strengths, weaknesses, and attack advantages so you can win every PvP battle regardless of the situation you’re thrown into.
naHow to win against your opponent who knows every trick in the book and even plays the same character. You’ll have another secret surprise under your sleeve.
naHow to win in the arena using this magic trump card. Note: It has nothing to do with having the best position.
naWhat to do after the arena to ensure better success in the next combat.
naThe No. 1 key to winning arenas using the 3P strategy.
naProven group strategies that guarantee victory every time you engage in the arena. You’ll find different variations to each strategy for every genre of PvP and how to build a star-player team to beat your opponents.
naHow to test the right PvP character build against the top players to get better gear and much desired ranking.
naThe best methods to accomplish PvP objectives and battlegrounds in realms worldwide. Specific step-by-step strategies for both Horde and Alliance.
naWhat top players do to win in the PvP environment that mediocre amateurs don’t. This advice will open your eyes to WoW in ways you have never seen before. Be prepared to see WoW through the top player’s eye.
naAnd much, Much MORE …

na Warcraft Blueprint Class Combat Secrets
Mastering the Ultimate Tactics for Your Class in Record Time - Dominate All Comers

naA battle field report on how to fight every single class. Even a Death Knight is easily crushed with the help of these secret combat routines.
naHow to kill an opponent of your own kind without engaging in a long and arduous fight.
naHow to end a fight quickly before it’s even started.
naThe secret to winning Boss fights by some of the elite gamers in World of Warcraft.
naDiscover how to complete long epic mount quest chains fast.
naBig mistakes you must avoid to survive through battles and challenges.
naThe universal rule to winning raids regardless of your class and race. Respect this rule and your opponents will surrender willingly.
naEssential vital stats champions use to shape their characters.
naHow to handle mana characters and the winning formula to outlasting battles.
naHow to play a class with the highest damage dealing for massive burst damage in as little time possible.
naDiscovering the PvP key for casters and healers. This works for every variation whether it’s 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5.
naHow to use the most powerful spells in the game and land huge damage on opponents.
naHow to buy time in battle when something unexpected happens.
naHow to strengthen your class into formidable foes and crush your enemies.
naHow to level up much faster while increasing your damage dealing potential and survivability.
naWhy picking the slower weapon can actually save your life.
naHow to make every single class easy to defeat – even a Death Knight.
naThe easy picking classes you can always count on to defeat for points (it’s not what you think)
naAn entire analysis map of every role in your army. Here’s how you can always get the best person for the job.
naMaster the balance to play the most powerful class in the game.
naHow to handle enemies up to 2 levels higher than you one on one.
naAnd much, Much MORE …

"Okay Amy. . . How Much Will this Set Me Back?"
Well, the real question you should be asking is how much is it worth to you to have your character decked out in full epics, have more than enough gold than you can spend, level at light speed, never fear getting ganked, win nearly every duel and have me taking you by the hand and literally forcing you to dominate on your server?

It's a simple answer..  "Priceless".
Not only so, but if you were to hire a "professional" Chinese farming company to level, farm the gold and arena points for you, you'd not only end up paying nearly $1,200 but also risk getting your account banned.
arena ratings

Pay $1160 to Get Your Account Banned? kk nothx bai

Listen, I've battled with this decision for weeks. Originally I 'toyed' with the idea that $67 would be a fair price to ask. After all I'm giving away the exact techniques that allow me to make a killing in the game. Literally every last secret.
However,  after seeking the thoughts of a number of elite players, the consensus was that I was being utterly reckless...
Some suggested $97, others said $197... hell, a top arena team in my battleground group said I'd be a lunatic to release this information for any less than $500 bucks... and that was after begging me not to sell it all... (he's knows the scale of competition that'll inevitably be created!)
Truth is though, if I were to charge $197 or even $297 for this amazing blueprints you'd still be getting a major unfair advantage guaranteed to accelerate your gameplay and it would be frankly astonishing if you are not the topic of your realm forums within a week or two.

Forum trolls @@

But you're not going to have to pay nowhere near that amount. 

Listen, I got thinking, and remembered the time when we were in the same position as you... desperate to make more gold, wanting to own in PvP so bad but not knowing which way to turn...

It suddenly dawned on me what this information would have meant to me back then. How much faster I would have got to where I am today if I had known this stuff...
Point being, I genuinely want to make it a full proof certainty that you avoid this situation.... and quickly realized that if I were to charge $197 bucks, then it would be out of the reach of the masses. The people who need it most.
So here's what I've decided...
I will virtually give away a very limited number of copies... and after that revert the price back to what we originally decided. In other words $67.
So to make sure that you get your hands on this information, no matter what your situation, I am practically committing "online suicide" by allowing you to try the whole package for just...
That’s not a misprint, it's not a typo and it’s not a joke. After that, you'll have to pay the full cost. No if's no but's...
Look, don't be deceived by the price...
...With the 3 hours of tutorials and the blueprints showing you how to copy the exact strategies I used to be the richest person on my server;  Insane gold strategies, not to mention the proven template strategies that you can replicate...
Still hesitating? Then let me explain why you should take up this offer. Because I’m so sure you will experience the best WoW game playing experience of your life, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. I’m protecting you with my unprecedented money back guarantee like no other policy you have ever seen before.

The Warcraft Blueprint is guaranteed to help you generate gold at demand fast, accelerate your character leveling, boost your PvP battle scores, AND help you play your class better, or it’s FREE!
Since you risk nothing, why not order the Warcraft Blueprint and experience the breakthrough in your game right now?
You won’t risk one cent by trying Warcraft Blueprint. That’s because your order is protected by not just one, but three ways:
GUARANTEE No.1: Warcraft Blueprint is guaranteed to make you 2X, 3X, even 5X more gold… cut your gold making time by at least 50% ... make you a master of your realm’s Auction House economy even if you have very little gold to start with… and give you a new sense of freedom to buy anything you want in WoW—or It’s yours FREE! That’s right! You must be completely satisfied with Warcraft Blueprint’s Gold Generating Secrets or you pay nothing.
GUARANTEE No.2: Warcraft Blueprint is guaranteed to be packed with of all the precise accelerated leveling secrets that works for every faction, every race, and every class, including 311 pages of instructions for Horde and 300 pages for Alliance, detailed maps and coordinates to locate Quest Locations and Quest Hubs for every level, and more than 3,259 lines of step-by-step instructions to level your characters to level 80++ within 3 days flat. Compare that kind of exhaustive information to any other WoW leveling guide in the market today. You must be completely satisfied with Warcraft blueprint’s Accelerated Leveling Secrets or you pay nothing.

: Warcraft Blueprint is guaranteed to give you an unfair advantage to win PvP battles for every class available (even Death Knights) and ensure victory regardless of the battle format. It is tested and battle proven to get you the most honor points and arena ratings from every battle even if your character has less gear or lower skills. You will know intuitively how to assemble the ideal team for winning battles so the odds are tilted to your favor before you even engage your enemies. You must be completely satisfied with Warcraft Blueprint’s PvP Punishment Secrets or you pay nothing.

: I know I said 3 guarantees but what the hell… here’s my FOURTH guarantee because I have unshakable confidence that Warcraft Blueprint is the best investment you can make to instantly ratchet your game up several notches. Warcraft Blueprint is guaranteed to make you an expert player of your class - Horde or Alliance – for all 10 classes available in World of Warcraft. These combat secrets will eliminate enemies, destroy mobs, and give you every fighting chance against some of the toughest classes in the game. You must be completely satisfied with Warcraft Blueprint’s Class Combat Secrets or you pay nothing.

In fact, should you in any way be dissatisfied with the Warcraft Blueprint, you may return it anytime within 60 days and I will promptly give you a full 100 percent refund, no questions asked!

Try finding a guarantee like that in any other World of Warcraft guides on the internet. What’s more, should you refund your purchase, I insist you keep everything (including the UNADVERTISED BONUSES) for trusting me enough to make an investment. That means, even if you ask for your money back, you still gain $354.97 in value. Could anything be fairer and less risky than that?

Unlike other guides out there, I'm not going to ask you to just blindly trust me. Which is why I'm going to come up with this...


The choice is up to you now. You can hit the “Back” button on this browser, pretend you never saw this page, continue to struggle with WoW, and spend countless hours figuring out the game that you might as well watch tomatoes grow.
Or… you can make more gold than all your opponents combined, rocket up your arena ratings, punish your enemies in PvP, and play your class to the max, all for less than what you spend for a StarBucks latte every day.
Here’s what I want you to do right now…
Read the order coupon below and click on the special “Add to Cart” button to get the WoW Blueprint. You’ll be directed to a secure 3rd party merchant page. Follow the simple instructions and you can download the entire blueprint at no time at all. Even if it’s 2a.m. in the morning.

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